A Simple Recipe: The Best Flour + Patience

With bread, there isn't much to hide behind. So we use the best ingredients we can get our hands on and do our best to let them shine. Our dough is made slow, using flour from Hayden Flour Mills and Central Milling

  • Nice Buns

    Milk bread, brioche, and vegan 'milk' bread: all featuring Hayden Sonoran White Wheat

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  • Baguettes

    A light crumb with a thin, crisp shell comes from high hydration dough featuring Hayden Rouge de Bourdeaux flour.

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  • Hand Shaped Loaves

    Country Bread, Ciabatta, Boules, and such

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  • Pan Loaves

    Pullman, Deli, Focaccia, etc.

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  • Pretzels

    Chewy, crisp, soft..all the textures.

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